Recent Cases of Interest

From The New York Law Journal (NYLJ)

In Sharabani V. Sharabani, (54890/2010), Kings Supreme Court Justice Rachel Adams gave wife the full proceeds of an asset where husband refused to consent to wife remarrying religiously. (NYLJ 9/25/17)

In Matter of S.G. v. B.B., (f-00399-09/14d), Kings Family Court Judge Javier Vargas held that a husband’s failure to pay child support and failure to present evidence of his income or finances constituted willfulness. (NYLJ 9/6/17)

In A.K. v. E.K., Nassau Supreme Court Justice Jeffrey Goodstein refused to interfere with child’s private jewish schooling but gave father education decision-making for the child. (NYLJ 8/21/17)

In, In Re Salena v. Ahmad G., (4118-june 22), Appellate division, first department Justice Barbara Kapnick affirmed a family court order denying mother’s petition to relocate to florida as not in the best interests of child, and no overall benefit to the child would be obtained, as well as affect on father’s visitation. (NYLJ 6/30/17)

In J.R. v. M.S., (300603/14), New York Supreme Court Justice Matthew F. Cooper designated mother and father joint custodial parents with shared decision-making. (NYLJ 6/21/17)

In Matter of Bhanmattie H. V. Roxanne H., (v-10648/15), Queens Family Court Judge John hart awarded primary legal and physical custody to the grandmother in the best interests of the child. (NYLJ 6/19/17)

In R.L. v. L.T., Westchester Supreme Court Justice Susan M. Capeci awarded joint legal custody to the parties but mother shall have final decision-making authority, and the parties should consult about the children using the services of a parenting coordinator. (New York Law Journal, December 29, 2017, 3406-12)

In D.N. v. M.N., Nassau Supreme Court Justice Stacy D. Bennett granted the parties’ request to transfer and consolidate the pending family offense petitions with the matrimonial action and awarded reimbursement for
mortgage payments to a wife that she made post-commencement; a house was titled in husband’s  name alone prior to the marriage. Sent from my iPhone

Big Babel Law Office Case Win

Our client is the non-biological father of a two year old child whose biological father is our client’s husband. The child was carried by our client’s sister as surrogate. The court awarded our client joint legal and residential custody temporarily, pending trial in 2018. This has been a very interesting case.

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