Orders of Protection

Domestic violenceOne can seek an order of protection against a violent spouse or member of their family or household from the Family Court, or through their divorce in the Supreme Court.

Members of the same family or household includes:

1. Persons related by consanguinity(kinship) or affinity(by marriage)
2. Persons legally married to one another
3. Persons formerly married to one another
4. Persons who have a child in common
5. Persons who are or have been involved in an intimate relationship.

Orders of protection can be granted based upon the following offenses:

1. Assault
2. Attempted assault
3. Reckless endangerment
4. Harassment
5. Aggravated harassment
6. Menacing
7. Stalking
8. Disorderly conduct

Call to find out how to obtain an order of protection without the other party initially present in court, and what you will need.

If one receives an order of protection, he or she should immediately obtain legal assistance.

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