Prenuptial Agreements

Prenuptial agreementBefore you got married you and your spouse drew up a prenuptial agreement. The purpose of that agreement was to determine the division of property should a decision to divorce occur down the road. Well, that time is now here and you are wondering if the agreement can be enforced or not.

There are a number of conditions under which a prenup can be voided. If one or more of the following can be proved, the agreement can be thrown out by a judge:

  • there was coercion in signing the document;
  • the agreement was fraudulent as it did not properly disclose all the property or financial obligations of one or both parties;
  • there was not legal representation/understanding for one or both parties;
  • the agreement was too much in favor of one party or contained outlandish provisions; or
  • the document wasn’t properly executed.

If these conditions are not present, the prenuptial is enforceable.

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