Father’s Rights in Custody Cases

A lot of men who are in the situation of divorce wonder what their rights are in regards to children so it is important to know the father’s rights in custody cases. They ponder, “Is it the mother who always gets custody of the child or children?” or “Do men always have to pay child […]

Prenuptial Agreements

Before you got married you and your spouse drew up a prenuptial agreement. The purpose of that agreement was to determine the division of property should a decision to divorce occur down the road. Well, that time is now here and you are wondering if the agreement can be enforced or not. There are a […]

5 Myths Busted About Child Support

1. As the father, I’m automatically going to be paying child support. Under New York law, where the mother has physical custody, the father will pay child support under the Child Support Standards Act percentages. There can be a deviation under certain circumstances particularly if the amount would be unjust or inappropriate. However, in a […]

6 Things a Spouse Should Do to Prepare for a Divorce

If divorce is in the air, what does a spouse need to do to prepare for it? This is a big question especially if your spouse has been making most of the money for the family and has been in control of the finances. Here is a list of things suggested by an article in […]

7 Things You Can Do to Have a Friendly Divorce

Divorces can get ugly. While the best is always hoped for, things can go wrong. However, there are steps a couple can take at the beginning of a divorce to try to prevent this from occurring and to maintain good communication. Below are 7 things you can do to have a friendly divorce. 1. Spirit […]

Qualified Domestic Relations Order

You should know that the court can order a portion of your pension plan to go to your spouse if you are involved in a divorce and have a pension plan. Whether this occurs or not is dependent on the factors in your divorce and how the court will decide to divide the property according […]

Tips for Custody Changes for Children

A parent that does not have physical custody of his or her child of around 15 years of age or older may file a modification of custody for the purpose of the court reviewing and deciding whether custody should be changed. An attorney may prepare an application for the court to interview a child of […]

Explaining Divorce to Young Children

You and your spouse are about to end your union. That’s never easy. But if you have a child – or children – under the age of three, it’s even harder. How do you explain to your toddler that Mommy and Daddy won’t be living together anymore? Most childcare experts agree that it’s better to […]

Protecting Your Assets in a Divorce Asset Division

Ending a marriage is a difficult decision particularly if it occurs after 20 years or more. The resulting upsets can be quite severe especially those about finance and divorce asset division. The most important thing is to get a good lawyer. In settling your differences, you need to keep your emotions out of it. This […]

4 Tips to Make a Divorce Simple

Divorce is never easy. It is a very emotional and financially-draining time, made much more complicated if you have children. But that being said, there are things you can do make divorce less complex although not necessarily less painful. Here are 4 tips to make a divorce simple: 1. Find a lawyer that will represent […]