About Malcolm S. Babel

“Truce or Battle, Call Babel.”

For over 40 years Malcolm Babel has handled thousands of legal matters and presently handles family law and matrimonial matters exclusively.

He has found through his years of experience that the best approach to matters that come before him in this area is to negotiate, settle and resolve family matters in a short period of time, so that it doesn’t become a long, dragged-out, expensive and stressful ordeal and so everyone involved can move on with their lives and be happier.

Malcolm Babel Family Law attorney portraitMalcolm graduated from NYU Law School in 1967 and then received a Masters Degree in law in 1968.

In 1984, after 16 years with the Legal Aid Society, Malcolm started his own practice and now works out of Bayside, Queens and services all of Queens County, Nassau and more.

Malcolm has handled hundreds of family law and matrimonial cases.